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Hello friends, are you also looking for such a loan that you do not have to go anywhere and you can take a loan sitting at home. If you all need such a loan, then all of you will find such information inside this article. Information is going to be available, with the help of which you can easily take a loan sitting at home through an application called petty cash app, so what are the requirements you should have to take a loan from this application. You tell everyone inside this article. So that it will be very easy for you people to take loan from this app, so if you want to take loan and are interested in taking loan from this application, then read this article carefully and Understood, all of you will know here what we have to do to take loan from this application.


Requirements and conditions for taking a loan from the Petty Cash app!

What are the requirements and conditions you have to fulfill to take a loan from this Petty Cash app, let us tell you all?

1. The first condition is that to take a loan from this Petty Cash Loan app, you must have a PAN card and Aadhaar card and the date of birth in it must be more than 18 years.

2. And the second condition is that you should be more than 18 years old and you should have some source of income. And you should have a small job business job and your monthly income is not less than ₹ 4000. Should stay

3. The third requirement is that friends, to take a loan from this Petty Cash app, it is necessary to have an active bank account. One more thing, you can take a loan from this app only when you are a citizen of India, if you are a citizen of any other country. If you are a citizen of India then you will not be able to get loan from this app.

You can easily take a loan from the Petty Cash app.  If you people follow all these requirements and qualifications, then your loan gets approved very quickly, friends!


How to take loan from Petty Cash App?

So now friends here you read and understand this article carefully because now here you are going to tell everyone how you can get loan from this petty cash app To get it, first of all, you have to install this Petty Cash app from your mobile's play store, after that you people have to register in this app from any of your mobile number, after registering you will get your The Petty Cash app will open completely, then there you all will get to see such a page that there you all get to see many types of loans inside that Petty Cash app. So what you have to do there Select the loan of your choice and then fill whatever requirement and documents you will be asked there, then you have to give whatever your loan amount is. Fill it and confirm it. Then whatever your loan amount will be, it will come to your bank account, whatever bank details you have given in this Petty cash app.


What types of loans will be seen inside this Petty Cash app

Come on friends, now tell all of you what type of loans you will get to see inside this petty cash app. So all of you get to see some types of loans inside this application like - car loan, home loan , Marriage Loan, New Shop Loan, Urgent Loan, Security Loan, Gold Loan, Medical Loan, Education Loan, Travel Loan, Insurance Loan 

And not only this, friends, all of you will get to see many more types of loans when you register and open this application. All of you will get to see many more types of loans in which your favorite loan will also be present.


What is the maximum loan that Petty Cash App will give?

Now friends here, a question must be arising in the mind of all of you that how much loan this petty cash app will give maximum, then we tell and clear all of you here. So if you tell everyone then this petty cash app you Maximum loan of up to 3 lakhs is provided to all of you sitting at home


Conclusion / Result.

So friends, we have told all of you in this article that how you can take a loan through an application called Petty Cash App. So how can you take a loan from this app. We have explained all of you very well inside this article. But if you have not understood anything. If you want to ask any point, then you can ask any question by commenting us in the below comment box. We reply to all of you within 24 hours. Thank you

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