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So friends, in today's article, I am going to tell all of you that if you are looking for a loan, then there is an application very easily, with the help of which you can take a loan sitting at home.  The name of the application is i loan, with the help of which you can take a loan very easily, so what are the requirements you should have to take a loan from this i loan application. We will tell you everything inside this article.  , and if you people want to take a loan. Then you must read this article completely, you will understand again how you can take a loan, through this i loan application, then let all of you  telling


Which type of loan will be available from this i loan app?

So friends, now let us tell you all here, which type of loan you all get to see inside this i loan application.

All of you get to see these types of loans inside this application. Such as - Shaadi Vivah Loan, Home Loan, Urgent Loan, Shop Loan, Education Loan, Security Loan, Gold Loan, Medical Loan, Personal Loan, Travel Loan, Insurance Loan, New Shop Loan, Business Loan, Bike Insurance Loan, New Bike loan, urgent loan

And not only this, friends, you also get to see loans as per your wish. When you go to take a loan after registering and opening it inside this application.

What are the requirements and conditions for availing loan from i Loan App?

1. The first condition to avail a loan from i Loan App is that you must be a citizen of India, and you must not be less than 18 years of age.

2. The second condition and requirement is that you must have an active bank account in order to avail a loan from this i loan. And you must also have an Aadhaar card and PAN card

3. And it is mandatory for you to have some small business, some small job business. And tell everyone that your income should not be less than ₹ 3000 per month.

So if you have all these qualifications and requirements, then you will get a loan very easily from i loan app. And you will not face any problem, read the article given below for more information.

How to take loan from i Loan App?

So now friends here you read and understand this article carefully because now here I am going to tell you how to take loan from this i loan app. You have to go to the mobile play store and from there you have to install this i loan app, after that you people have to open this application, after opening you can enter any of your email id or you can enter any of your You can also login with Gmail ID i.e. Google account. After that you have to login and register and open this application, as soon as you login and open it, after that all of you would get to see such a page inside this application. It is there that all of you will get to see a lot of loans there. So what you have to do there is that whatever loan you want to take, you people see that loan and confirm it there. After that, you have to fill your loan amount after seeing whoever will ask for the requirement there, agreeing to their conditions. After that whatever loan amount will be deposited in that bank account Will come in whatever bank details you have given inside this i loan app

What is the maximum loan that i Lona app will give?

So friends, here a question must be arising in the mind of all of you that i loan app can give maximum loan to all of you. So here we tell you all and clear this question in the mind of all of you. If you are, then tell everyone, then this i loan app provides loans ranging from ₹ 3000 to ₹ 50,000 for all of you sitting at home.

Conclusion / Result.

So friends, we have told all of you a very easy method inside this article, how you can take a loan from this i loan app. Everything is explained here step by step, but if You have any question, any doubt and you have any question that you want to ask. So below you can comment us in the comment box below this article. We will definitely reply to all of you within 24 hours. Thank you.

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  3. 1 Lakh Personal Loan is a lifesaver! It helped me cover unexpected expenses with ease. The quick approval process and flexible repayment options made it a hassle-free experience.

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